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For the love of picture books

For the Love of Picture Books


Romi Sharp
June 2014

For the values, experiences and skills that they share.
For the magic and emotion that they generate.
I have written this story to highlight the importance, and for the love, of picture books.

Not long ago I lived in an egg, but now I’ve always got my head in a book.
As soon as I wake up, I read.
When I munch on my lunch, I read.
After my daily wriggle routine, I read.
And before I curl up for the night, I read.

I know everything about everything, because I’m a bookworm… Well, bookerpillar actually.

love article reading

But, there are some things about life that catch me by surprise.

When another caterpillar began nibbling MY leaf, I got cranky. And when I’m cranky, I read. And when I read, I learn things.

Did you know there are things called ‘sharing’ and ‘manners’? Amazing!

So, I politely took a leaf out his book corner, and he politely took a leaf out of mine.

There was this one time when all the kiddipillars were playing ‘Tarzan’ in the trees. The thought of swinging fast on a silk web made my skin crawl and all my legs twitch. And when my skin crawls and all my legs twitch, I read. And when I read, I discover things.

Did you know that baby owls need a lot of courage to fly out of their nest for the first time?

So, with a deep breath through my spiracles, I took the plunge! Who ever thought that a caterpillar could feel exhilaration? I swung so high that I got tangled and landed in a bird’s nest… I can tell you, I have never scrabbled about so quickly in all my life!

love article swinging

Then came the day of the big move. My leafy breakfast churned in my stomach. And when my stomach churns, I read. And when I read, I understand things.

When mum and I curled up with a book together, we found out that humans move house, too! And they always manage to adjust to change.

So, without even a second squirm, I packed up all 100 of my books in… one second flat!

This cocoon wasn’t going to build itself, but I was sure I could get it built in… one second flat!

I was wrong.

First attempt… A pretzel.
Second attempt… Fairy floss.
Third attempt… Spaghetti bolognese!

It was a mess. It may as well have been chop suey, or chopped liver, for that matter. I was liver… I mean, livid. And when I’m livid, I read. And when I read, I appreciate things.

The boy in the story took days to construct his spaceship, and then I got to enjoy racing off to the moon right along with him… again and again! Woohoo!

So, with a stick on my back end, I hung myself upside down and wrapped and twisted, spun and twirled, like tomorrow would last for weeks.

love article cocoon

Really, I’m still the same bookerpillar, on the inside. I’m just… a better bookerpillar.

I have learned, discovered, understood, appreciated, and enjoyed the surprises of life, with the help of a few good books.
Now, with my knowledge and wisdom…

I can FLY!

love article butterfly
For the value of fiction and non fiction.
For the lessons about friendship, courage, resilience, organisation, persistence, and self confidence.
For the subtle interpretation of some of life’s complexities.
For the special bond that is formed when a book is shared.
And for the magical, satisfying journey when a book hooks you in, over and over.
These are a few of the many reasons to love picture books.

To support me in becoming a published picture book author, and to join in a community for writers, illustrators, teachers, parents and lovers of children’s books, please like my page at:

Thank you!


Author: Romi Sharp

Qualified teacher, reviewer, writer and avid picture book fanatic, constantly immersed in the world of children's literature. Founder of My Little Story Corner and Just Write For Kids.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Picture Books

  1. Wow, Romi you are so talented in so many different areas. You have a wonderful way with words. I look forward to reading many more thoughts, blog entries, stories, reviews written by My Little Story Corner. I love your website, I really need to do some research to learn how to personalise my wordpress blog.
    Congrats again, great website.

    • Thank you very much, Jen! I appreciate your kind words! You, too have put a lot of effort into your work and have very effectively demonstrated a range of great learning experiences. Keep it up! 🙂

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