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King Pig: Teaching Notes

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King Pig
Nick Bland

King Pig: Question Time!

Before reading: Show pictures / list some different farm animals. What kind of traits do they each possess? Eg. Hard workers are dogs, horses. Patient / timid are sheep, cows. Bossy / noisy are pigs, ducks.
Look at the cover. What does it tell you about this pig? What does it tell you about the sheep?

During reading: Who can you think of that is like a boss? (Teacher, principal, mum, dad, pilot, captain, king, queen, etc). How would you feel if you were being bossed around? How would you feel if no one listened to you? Do you think King Pig is trying to be kind by inviting the sheep into his ‘nice, warm castle’?

After reading: What did you like or dislike about the story? Do you think the sheep were happy in the end? Why or why not? Do you think King Pig will try to be nicer from now on?

‘What makes a good friend?’ Role Play: Turn to a partner and take turns to role play either being like a bossy pig, or being an obedient sheep. Discuss how each role made you feel. Give each other suggestions for improving behaviour.
Variation: use stick or hand puppets as props.
king pig puppets2

King Pig: Writing Time!

– Write a letter or little notes to a friend to tell them what you like about them or just to say something nice. Deliver them in a homemade ‘Piggy Box’ (see Construction Time!).
– Make a poster or advertisement from King Pig trying to persuade sheep to come work at his castle.
– Write a reverse narrative where a sheep is the leader and the pigs are the servants. What would the sheep make the pigs do? What is the sheep’s problem? Would the sheep be kind in getting what s/he wants? Would there be a happy ending for all?
– Turn your story into a Readers’ Theatre play by writing a script, or act it out yourself or by using puppets and props.
– Record your story on video, or create a movie using your props (puppets, plasticine figures, toys, etc). Include music and sound effects to make it more engaging!
Here’s ours:
king sheep youtube


– Other books about pigs and sheep include:
the-story-of-peppa-pig-picture-book wibbly-pig-and-the-tooky
Peppa Pig series… Wibbly Pig series by Mick Inkpen

51X+Ln2Xg3L._SY300_ 138069
The Three Little Pigs (all variations of the classic tale)… The Three Pigs by David Wiesner

where_is_the_green_sheep_book_cover1 820273
Where Is The Green Sheep? by Mem Fox… Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw

0060598484.01.LZZZZZZZ Can't+Sleep+Without+Sheep+rgb
Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton… Can’t Sleep Without Sheep by Susanna Leonard Hill

King Pig: Craft Time!

– Choose from a range of materials to make sheep, including curled paper strips, painted cotton wool, dots of paint or crayon / pastel spots, textured and coloured paper, wrap wool around a cut out. Cut out a body and stick a face on the front.
506e3e83d4f38a5e2efbd2deaf3d97d4 84cde17700ac0205c3ee4e1fc3741824
c1825e30c8fcc1ceb6615955d59b8100 0b243aca6aaf79bec3f26f3328e75a78

– Use a range of materials to make pigs (or sheep), including egg cartons, balloons, toilet rolls, pegs and cardboard, paper plates, textas, pipe cleaners, icy pole sticks, twigs, leaves, buttons, etc.

– Make pig and lamb masks.
mask-pig-1024x902 mask-sheep-1024x747

– Crown making. Use the Crown Template_King Pig provided (enlarged and printed on coloured paper), tissue paper or cotton wool, sequins, jewels or buttons to decorate your crown.
crown template2

– Sewing: Design and make an unusual and creative outfit for King Pig to wear to look ‘fancy’. Use fabric / felt, buttons, sequins, and sewing needles and thread.

King Pig: Construction Time!

– Make a ‘Piggy Box’ using a recycled cardboard or tissue box. Decorate to make it look like a pig and cut a slit to place your coins, or alternatively make a larger slit to deliver letters to a friend.
photo1-19 kix-cereal-box-piggy-banks-5 olivia-piggy-bank-mainImage
Cereal Box Piggy Bank:
A cool Olivia pig box:

– Build a tall castle tower with wooden, plastic, lego, any other kind of blocks or boxes. Use toys, puppets or yourselves for role play.
photo1-17 photo2-9

King Pig: Mathematics Time!

– Measurement: Height. Build a tower castle and measure the height using different measuring units. Eg. How many of the following do we need to reach the top of the castle?… pile of books, cushions, boxes, etc.

– Number: Addition and Subtraction. Use cotton wool balls as sheep to make up number stories. Eg. There were five sheep, two got hit with a falling egg, how many sheep left? There were two sheep picking apples, then King Pig ordered two more to help, how many sheep in the tree?
Variation: used coloured cotton wool balls to make up number stories.
Extension: Groups of and Shared between.

– Number: Money. Identify each coin and note. What pictures are seen? Sort and group coins into value, colour, size, etc. Count by 5s, 10s, 20s, and so on, placing coins in your ‘Piggy bank’ as you go.
Role play with your pig and sheep puppets / toys: How much would the sheep earn to scrub the tower? Pick apples for an hour? Knit four outfits for King Pig?

King Pig: Science Time!

– Study farm animals. Appearance, habitat, food, breeding. Make an information poster or ‘Who Am I?’ book about your chosen animal.
– Magic Colour Changing Milk.
Learning outcomes: Observation and Experimentation.
Click here for instructions:

– Technology: Egg Drop Challenge. Design and construct a carrier for an egg that will protect it when dropped from a given height.

Photography and lessons by Romi Sharp, BECS, Dip. Ed. Primary.
See links in article for sourced resources.

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