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The Boy on the Page: Teaching Notes

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See The Boy on the Page book review by Romi Sharp.  

The Boy on the Page: Question Time!

Before reading: Look at the cover. What do you think the story might be about? What do you think the boy might do in the story?

During reading: On the opening page, ask ‘why is the picture showing the boy becoming more coloured as he falls?’  What changes in the character and his surroundings do you notice? Have you done any of these activities? Why do you think he landed on the page?

After reading: What does it mean when the ending of story says ‘He knew why he was here.’? Do you remember what the boy does with the dog in the story? What special things and people do you have in your life?

Use an A – Z chart or on individual sticky notes, make a list of all the activities that you would like to do now and in the future, allocating one activity to each letter of the alphabet.
For example, Abseil, Build a house, Climb a tree, etc.
a to z boy on the page

The Boy on the Page: Learning Time!    

– Write a story about yourself landing in your favourite book. Who are the other characters? What adventures do and the characters do in the story?
– Write a story about yourself landing on thr page and doing the things you enjoy. For more fun, turn your story into an interactive book with slits in the pages to move a personalised photo stick puppet through. Illustrate using your chosen medium.
Play! Engage! Enjoy!

– Design a new front cover for your story.
– Write an acrostic poem with your name, and list your favourite activities to match the letters of your name. Eg. FRED
Reading books
Eating chocolate
Digging in the dirt  

– Read and compare other books (and illustrations) by Peter Carnavas. *Click titles to purchase.
jessicas-box-cover1 the-children-who-loved-books-cover2 sarahs-heavy-heart-cover2
Jessica’s Box………. The Children Who Loved Books……….Sarah’s Heavy Heart

important-things nanna-ninja-cover
The Important Things……………… My Nanna is a Ninja.

last-tree-in-the-city-cover-small the-great-expedition-cover1
Last Tree in the City…………….. The Great Expedition.

mr-darcy-final-cover-small2 jonathan-cover
Mr Darcy…………….. Jonathan!

– Create a book mash up, or character mash up including two (or more) of Peter Carnavas’ books.  Draw a front cover or picture of your new book / character.
Eg. The Boy on the Box. Mr Darcy is a Ninja. The Last Tree Who Loved Books.
mr darcy ninja

– Read about the author / illustrator, Peter Carnavas. Create a poster or booklet about what you have researched.
– Comprehension: Read and Make.
Adult to write cards with an explanation on how to make / draw something seen in the story, or create your own ideas. Leave open enough for children’s own interpretation.
Eg. Make a pot plant with a green tree, a white pot and a yellow bird.
Draw musical instruments with a purple accordion, red guitar and brown flute.
Make a three story house with red spots, blue stripes and purple flowers.
Provide a range of coloured pencils, coloured paper, glue and scissors.  

Graphing – Choose some favourite activities. Survey a group of people and tally the numbers of people for each chosen activity. Create a picture or bar graph showing the results.
Variation: If creating an individual graph, tally the number of times you have completed each chosen activity.  

Number – Fishing Game.
Instructions here:
Add numbers to the fish. Select a goal, such as the highest number, the lowest number, add numbers together, and so on.  

Construction / Technology:
Design and construct the modes of transport and buildings as seen in the story.
1. Margarine Tub Tug Boat.
See instructions from Red Ted Art at:

2. Paper Stick Horse.
Materials needed: Newspaper, your choice of coloured paper (for the horse’s head and ear), coloured wool or ribbon, stapler, tape, texta, long cardboard tube (optional), Horse Head Template.
– Roll up the newspaper longways, staple. Alternatively use a long cardboard tube for the body.
– Cut out the horse head and ears. Download here: Horse Head Template
– Staple around the horse head, leaving a gap to fit newspaper inside.
– Scrunch up pieces of newspaper and stuff into horse head. Staple closed.
– Staple / stick head to newspaper stick.
– Ride your horse!
photo1-24 photo2-14
photo3-7 photo4-6

3. Creative House.
Use a range of boxes of different shapes and sizes.
– Paint or cover with coloured and patterned paper.
– Build them up and stick together.
– Don’t forget to include windows and doors!  

– Me on the Page: Use a range of coloured, patterned and textured paper, fabric, wool, crayons, etc to create an interesting self portrait, hang up to display.
– Create a watercolour and black pencil painting of yourself and a new world surrounding you. What things, animals, nature, people would appear on your page?
– Paint a still life or portrait of a friend or animal. What shapes can you see? Is the subject happy, sad, surprised, etc? What can you see in the background?  

Music and Outdoor Fun:
– Play a range of instruments, or use other objects to make your own music.
– Roll down a hill.
– Ride a bike.
– Ride a horse!
– Catch a fish.
– Paddle in a canoe.
– Plant a tree or flower or seed or vegetables.
– Grow your own grass head boy or girl.
See one from Red Ted Art at:  

Learning Objectives: To make and test predictions about sinking and floating and then classify objects according to whether they sink or float.  
– For a range of floating and sinking experiments, go to:

The Boy on the Page
Available for purchase at Fishpond ($24.99 free shipping)

The Boy on the Page
Available for purchase at Boomerang Books ($22.49 + $6.95 shipping per order)

Photography and lessons by Romi Sharp.
See links for sourced resources.

Author: Romi Sharp

Qualified teacher, copywriter, reviewer, picture book writer and fanatic, acting publicist to the book stars, and constantly immersed in the world of children's literature. Founder of Books On Tour PR & Marketing, Just Write For Kids and My Little Story Corner.

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