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Hootie the Cutie: Teaching Notes

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Click here to read the Hootie the Cutie book review.

Hootie the Cutie: Question Time!

Before reading:
Show two toys, one big and small (such as a big bear and a tiny bunny). ‘Which one do you think would be more brave? Why?’ ‘Can they both be brave / afraid?’
Ask, ‘Do you have to be big and strong to be brave?’ ‘Can you think of a time when you had to be brave?’
Look at the book cover. ‘Do you think this owl is brave?’ ‘What do you think she does in the story to be brave?’  
bear and rabbit

During reading:
‘Why does Papa Owl say, ”This is not for you.”? ”What do you think is in the cave?’ ‘What does Papa’s feathers being ruffled mean?’  

After reading:
‘Why was Papa Owl nervous for Hootie to enter the cave?’ ‘Why was Papa Owl so proud of Hootie in the end?’ ‘What is the story telling us about being brave?’  

Hootie the Cutie: Learning Time!  

– Finish the sentence, ”I was brave when…” Illustrate.
– Write a story about yourself or a character being brave in a scary situation.
– Perform a puppet show based on your story.  

– Read other books about bravery
5129MSM7DPL the-very-brave-bear
Max by Bob Graham / The Very Brave Bear by Nick Bland.

come down cat greatexpedition_cover
Come down, Cat! by Sonya Hartnett / The Great Expedition by Peter Carnavas.

– Read other books about owls
1196884754438 little+owl
Owl Babies by Martin Waddell / Little Owl by Phillip Gwynne.

9781849415118 13151576
Brave Little Owl by Penny Little / Fly, Chick, Fly! by Jeanne Willis.

See more owl books at:

– Read other books by Michelle Worthington
yellow-dress-day 9781921632631
Yellow Dress Day / The Bedtime Band

9780987416018 the-pink-pirate
Start of the Ocean / The Pink Pirate  

Art / Craft.
– Pine Cone Owl.
Materials needed: pine cone, cotton wool or stuffing, paint, paintbrush, glue, scissors, two feathers, white felt for eyes, black felt or pom poms for pupils, coloured paper for beak.
pine cone owl2
1. Put dollops of glue in and around the pine cone, then stuff the gaps with the stuffing.
2. Dab paint all over the pine cone.
3. Cut out two white circles and two smaller black circles for eyes. Cut out a small paper triangle for the beak. Glue on to pine cone.
4. Put glue on the ends of each feather and poke into a gap on each side of the pine cone.
5. Allow to dry. You have your very own Hootie!
pine cone owl pink

– Acorn owls:

– Handprint owl.
Trace around your hand on coloured paper, or make a handprint with paint. Cut out your hand shape. Decorate with eyes, a beak and feet to look like an owl.
Extension: About Me Activity. Discuss family and friends that are close to you. Who are they? What do they do to help you?
On each finger write one person that makes you feel safe. Display.

– Owl Mask:

– 20 Owl Crafts:
– Giuseppe Poli’s cut and paste, and colour sheets. Download here with instructions: Hootie the Cutie Activity Sheets_
Giuseppe Poli - Hootie - Activity sheet Colour In Giuseppe Poli - Hootie - Activity sheet pg 2 Giuseppe Poli - Hootie - Activity sheet pg 1

Music / Movement / Games.
– Being brave in a cave. List the kinds of animals might you find in a cave (Eg. bears, bats, dragons, etc). What other things might be in caves? (Eg. rocks, body of water, sticks, fire, crystals, gold, gems, Aboriginal paintings, bones, etc).  
Create a cave scene / cubby in the room with pictures / toys / rocks / gems, etc for role play and discovery.
Sing and re-enact ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, but replace the ‘bear’ with a ‘dragon’.
Extension: Explore one of the topics, such as gold mining, Aboriginal history, animal facts, etc.
photo1-30 photo1-18

– Play ‘What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?’, but replace the wolf with ‘Papa Owl’ and when it’s ‘Hootie time’ then Papa Owl must chase and hug a little ‘owl’.
– Play ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, but replace ‘duck’ with ‘dragon’ and ‘goose’ with ‘Hootie’ (or any variation of characters).  

– Create a maze or a board game showing Hootie’s journey from the enchanted wood, past the pixie  party, mouse magic and flying fairies, through to the cave to finish by rescuing the dragon.
Use prepositional and directional language, including ‘next to’, ‘between’, ‘underneath’, ‘turn left’, ‘turn right’, ‘straight ahead’, and so on.

– Time. Make a Hootie Clock. Materials: two paper circles, a split pin, pencils, scissors, paper / crafts for decorating.
1. With the first circle, fold in half and half again, making four quarters.
2. Write the clock numbers, starting with 12 on the top fold, 3 on the right fold, 6 on the bottom fold, and 9 on the left fold. Fill in the other numbers. (Or write morning, lunch, evening, night in each quarter).
3. In each quarter, draw activities that appeared in sequence throughout the book; pixie party, mice magic, fairy flying, dragon cave. Alternatively, draw your own fun activities.
4. On the second circle, mark a spot in the centre (for the pin). Draw or paste an owl face around the mark.
5. Cut out a hole for the tummy below the mark (this will need to be the size of a quarter of a circle. We cut around the bottom of the beak to make a point). Decorate as desired.
6. Put circle two (face) on top of circle one (activities), and pierce the split pin through the middle. Swivel owl face and discuss at what time of day Hootie (or you) did what activity.
photo4-7 photo5-6

– Owl Maths Ideas:  

Integrated Studies / Science.
– Fun Owl Facts. Research owls via a range of books and internet sites.  

Outdoor / Nature.
– Go for a walk in the bush / park / backyard. What kinds of birds and other animals can you spot? Draw them or take photos.  

– Host an Owl / Woodland Party, including owl themed cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, etc. See a range of ‘owl’ food at the following links:

Hootie the Cutie
Available for purchase from Fishpond ($23.99 free shipping)

Photography and lessons by Romi Sharp
See links for sourced resources

Author: Romi Sharp

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