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Passing On the Silver Buttons

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Meeting Bob Graham.
Readings at Hawthorn, Melbourne. August 8th 2014.  

“Should we go meet the man who wrote Silver Buttons?”
“Yes”, Mia simply stated.
Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, even if it meant taking a four year old and a wriggly 18 month old, through the peak hour traffic on a Friday afternoon!

Mia and I thought it would be nice to draw the famous author a picture of the beloved duck that his own granddaughter so beautifully drew, without forgetting the all-important silver buttons! I think the first time use of the silver gel pen was a definite highlight for Mia!

So now that we’re actually going to meet Bob Graham, I’m having visions of people lining up out the door. We’ll be lucky to get a shot of his face. Oh, and the traffic getting there! Hmm…

Five minutes into the trip… We’ve left the picture on the kitchen table! Aah! Back we go!

Ok, so the traffic wasn’t too horrendous. And there was no line out the door, either. But there was a steady flow of admiring school children and their parents, all wanting to ask questions and share their ‘Bob Graham’ experiences.

Then it was our turn. Mia clutched her duck picture in her hands, I held the gorgeous “How to Heal a Broken Wing” in mine, and practised my greeting in my head. The meeting went well. Mr Graham was very gracious and humble; he was flattered and appreciative of Mia’s picture. Evidence of a ‘doting grandparent’ was clear as he talked about his granddaughter and told Mia he’d hang her picture amongst those that his Rosie had drawn for him.

He wrote a lovely note in our book; “Just for Mia. (thank you for your picture). Bob Graham”, along with a cute little flying pigeon sketch.

I briefly mentioned this little page of mine, and had just enough time for a quick picture before I felt the urge of those waiting behind me. Even though it would have been wonderful to steal a few more moments, I was honoured just to be in the presence of an author whom I’ve admired for so long. And now my daughter will forever own a precious memento from Bob Graham, for as long as she treasures his specially signed book.

Written by Romi Sharp, teacher, children’s book writer and mum of two little book fanatics. August 2014.


Author: Romi Sharp

Qualified teacher, reviewer, writer and avid picture book fanatic, constantly immersed in the world of children's literature. Founder of My Little Story Corner and Just Write For Kids.

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