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Adventure Tour Bus Craft

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9781922081322 Make your own Adventure Tour Bus  

Activity based on the picture book, Calpepper’s Place
Trudie Trewin (author)
Donna Gynell (illus.)
Windy Hollow Books, 2014.

Find a review of Calpepper’s Place (under C) here.  

Australian Curriculum Standards:
Responding to literature
Discuss characters and events in a range of literary texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with students’ own experiences (ACELT1582)
Creating literature
Retell familiar literary texts through performance, use of illustrations and images (ACELT1580)
Texts in context
Respond to texts drawn from a range of cultures and experiences (ACELY1655)
The ways the activities located in a place create its distinctive features (ACHGK007)
Represent data and the location of places and their features by constructing tables, plans and labelled maps (ACHGS009)  

Before Reading
Who do you think Calpepper is, and what might he do in this story? Has anyone been to the snow, beach, city, desert? Do you have a favourite place to be? Why might it be good to visit different places?
After Reading
Why do you think Calpepper wanted to leave his home at first? What did he learn along the way? What do you know about different locations in Australia? What state might you find the desert? Beaches? and so on. Do these regions change as the seasons change?  

Adventure Tour Bus Craft  

Small recycled cardboard box (we used a crackers ‘n cheese box)
Craft glue
Coloured pencils or textas
Pipe cleaners x2
Pom poms (optional)
Map of Australia (optional) Download here.  

1. Mark the windows with a texta on both sides of the box. Cut out windows and the bottom side (adult help required).
2. Mix half paint and half glue (make enough only to cover the box). Paint the box on each of the five sides.   
IMG_7639 IMG_7640
3. Once dry, decorate the bus with a sign and wheels (lights, etc).
4. To make the luggage rack on top: (adult help required)
Cut seven equal lengths of one pipe cleaner (about 3cm to 4cm each). Poke six tiny holes along the top of the bus (three to a long side). Place six of the cut pipe cleaners into each hole and fold down underneath. With the second pipe cleaner, starting on a corner, fold over each of the smaller pieces as you wrap the larger piece around forming a rectangular shape. Place the last small piece across the short end to complete the luggage rack.
Optional: place pom poms (or other small objects) in the luggage rack for suitcases.
5. Draw, colour and cut out characters to ride in the bus. Place inside and secure with a dab of glue (or sticky tape).
IMG_7641 IMG_7643
6. Extension:
Download and print a large map of Australia. Drive your Adventure Tour Bus, and with some pencils draw and label the types of regions Calpepper visited around the country (snowy mountains, city, beach, desert).
Label the states of Australia as you go.
List all the places in Australia you might find snow, beach, etc).  

Lesson and photography by Romi Sharp.
For personal and classroom use only, not permitted for commercial use.
© My Little Story Corner 2015


Author: Romi Sharp

Qualified teacher, reviewer, writer and avid picture book fanatic, constantly immersed in the world of children's literature. Founder of My Little Story Corner and Just Write For Kids.

One thought on “Adventure Tour Bus Craft

  1. I think it’s a fantastic idea, and fun for the kids to do, great work!!

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