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Bridie’s Boots: Teaching Notes

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Bridie’s Boots, Phil Cummings (author), Sara Acton (illus.), Working Title Press, 2014.  


Bridie’s five year old boots are the best. She can go anywhere and do anything in her boots, especially in her wildest dreams! But as the seasons change over the year, an almost six year old Bridie discovers that her boots no longer fit. In a gesture of goodwill, Bridie’s boots are packed and shipped to a new owner across the other side of the world. She, too, can go anywhere and do anything in her new boots. And Bridie smiles and continues of her charitable mission.
Illustrations by Sara Acton portray Bridie expressively and enthusiastically, as the little girl that she is. The fluid watercolour, ink and pastel paintings beautifully compliment Phil Cumming’s story with the movement of Bridie’s actions, the passing seasons and the journey of the boots.
‘Bridie’s Boots’ is a gorgeous, endearing book about maturing as a person, and thinking of the environment and others globally. It is also the perfect story for reinforcing the enjoyment and appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.


Australian Curriculum Standards:

Respond to texts drawn from a range of cultures and experiences (ACELY1655)    

Before Reading:
Do you own something that you would like to keep forever? How is it special to you?
Look at the cover. Do you think Bridie’s boots are special to her? Why, and what might she do with them? Do you think she can keep them forever?  

During Reading:
What is the dog looking at in the cupboard? Do you think Bridie will wear her boots again after the year has passed? What is a shipping container? What do you put in there? Where does it go? What does the new girl like about the boots?  

After Reading:
Why did Bridie decide to send her boots away? Why not throw them in the bin? How did Bridie feel about giving up her boots in the beginning? How did she feel at the end? How was the new girl’s world and dreams different to Bridie’s? Why is Bridie giving away some of her toys?

Literacy Activity:
Jumping in Muddy Word Puddles

Australian Curriculum Standards:
Know that regular one-syllable words are made up of letters and common letter clusters that correspond to the sounds heard, and how to use visual memory to write high-frequency words (ACELA1778)

coloured paper,
texta or pencils,
copy of ‘Bridie’s Boots’,
pair of boots (optional).


1. On coloured paper, draw and cut out ten puddle shapes (or as many as you see appropriate for level of child).
2. Using either of the word lists given (or select your own words from the book), write one word per puddle shape.
3. Spread them out across the floor.
4. Have the child put on their boots (optional) and listen to the instructions. Say, ”jump on the word ‘the’. If the child can correctly read the word they can keep the puddle. Carry on until all the words have finished.
5. Extension: Once a word has been identified, ask the child to put the word into a sentence. Eg. for ‘boots’, ”Bridie wore red boots with little sailboats on them.”
6. Extension 2: Once a word has been identified, turn it over and ask the child to spell it out. Eg. for ‘boots’, ”b-o-o-t-s”.

Words from book: boots, best, feet, dry, sun, puddles, lands, winter, wet, days, weeks, months, year, rain.
Sight words: was, she, they, were, in, and, the, it, her, as, when, on, of, to, do, all, but.

Mathematics Activity:
Make a Seasonal Wheel

Australian Curriculum Standards:
Using units of measurement

Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours (ACMMG021)

2 x A4 sheets paper,
textas or pencils,
grey lead pencil,
split pin


1. Trace two circles around the outer edge of the plate by turning it upside down. Cut out each circle.
2. On each circle, trace around the inner edge of the plate by turning it right side up.
3. Find the centre point of each circle with your ruler. On one circle, draw four equal quarters by ruling a horizontal line and a vertical line through the centre point, stopping at the inner circle.
4. Above each quarter in the outer section, write the months of the year. There should be three months per quarter, as per the following for the Australian seasons.

Summer = December, January, February
Autumn = March, April, May
Winter = June, July, August
Spring = September, October, November

5. In each quarter, write the corresponding season and draw an appropriate picture.
6. On the second circle, cut out the outer circle and one quarter of the circle. Write a title and decorate.
IMG_7833 IMG_7834 IMG_7835
7. Place the top circle above the bottom one and insert the split pin through the centre of each.
8. Your Seasonal Wheel is ready to spin!
IMG_7837 IMG_7838
Extension: Discuss the months of the year and their corresponding seasons. Discuss appropriate activities, clothing, food, and so on for each season. What did Bridie do in each season? Mark the seasons on a calendar. What special events occur in what season?

Science Activity:
Rain Cloud in a Jar

Australian Curriculum Standards:
Earth and space sciences

Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape(ACSSU019)
Questioning and predicting
Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events(ACSIS024)
Find instructions here:

Find a great selection of relevant teaching ideas and craft activities at:

Lessons and photography by Romi Sharp
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For personal or classroom use only. Not permitted for commercial use with written permission.

Author: Romi Sharp

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