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Doodle and Sketch’s Arty Adventure by Matthew Hartley

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March 2015

IMG_8302First in the series is Matthew Hartley’s ‘Doodle and Sketch’s Arty Adventure’, an imaginative e-story about hand-drawn characters on an artistic mission, suitable for 7 to 12 year olds. The story is organised into fourteen chapters, with age-appropriate language and Hartley’s cute cartoon pictures spread throughout.

Sketch, a grumpy two-nosed, unfinished drawing, finds common ground when he meets the fresh face in town, Doodle. Together, they leave their cartoon friends behind to explore the danger of the unknown; the other side of the page. The reason for their expedition through the sketchbook: to be reunited with the hand that drew them in order to be completed.

IMG_8301Along the way, the pair meet, befriend and escape from some incredible characters. They see and experience some harsh realities, which only make them stronger. Jeremiah the cautious, confused snail, is the key to solving the mystery of the recluse Creator, for he holds the map to his whereabouts. Unfortunately a messenger parrot and evil Captain Cranky cause more treachery, until Doodle and Sketch realise they are, and have been, more courageous than they thought.

Their generosity and foresight allow them to call upon new friends, including the shy, stamp-collecting pink dragon, Donny, and the neuron, Ron from the Creator’s Imagination Island, to help them proceed on their journey. A very close swipe with death sees Doodle and Sketch come face to face with the assassinating eraser, but by standing up to the Creator, they give him a renewed sense of purpose by reminding him of his talents and passion for drawing.

IMG_8300Did Doodle and Sketch finally achieve what they set out to accomplish? Yes, in a surprising and gratifying ending.

Doodle and Sketch’s Arty Adventure’ is a story about teamwork, friendship and confidence. Set aside plenty of time to explore this journey. You will find some playful dialogue and briefly encounter many different personalities. Perhaps we might find these two-dimensional characters turn three-dimensional in the next instalment!

Matthew Hartley’s ‘Doodle and Sketch’s Arty Adventure’ can be downloaded through Amazon (click on links above), or via Smashwords here.

Read this review and leave your own at Goodreads here.

Contact the author:
IMG_8304 ”Matthew Hartley is an author / illustrator based in Melbourne. His first children’s book, a collection of forty illustrated poems called ‘The Teachers are in Trouble and Other Rhymes’ was published in 2009. He is currently working on a sequel to ‘Doodle and Sketch’s Arty Adventure’.”


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