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WIN a copy of ‘Gus the Asparagus’ by Kaylene Hobson and Ann-Marie Finn – CLOSED


The very latest release from the Dragon Tales bunch is the absolutely scrumptious; Gus, the Asparagus, spearing our hearts with its juicy goodness.

Aimed at children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, this book cleverly introduces us to a young asparagus who, at first, doesn’t understand why he can’t ‘fit in’ with the other fruits and vegetables. You’ll be tickled green to see some of Gus’ little antics, and pleasantly satisfied when his wellbeing comes to fruition.

Gus, the Asparagus, Kaylene Hobson (author), Ann-Marie Finn (illus.), Dragon Tales Publishing, 2015.



My Little Story Corner has ONE copy of ‘Gus, the Asparagus’ to give away, courtesy of Dragon Tales Publishing.


Answer the following question in a comment below:

“Everybody is different. Describe what makes you unique.”


1. The winner will be determined by Romi Sharp of My Little Story Corner and Ann-Marie Finn, illustrator of ‘Gus, the Asparagus’.
2. Only ONE entry per person will be accepted.
3. Prize only open to Australian residents.
4. Entries must be received by 9pm (AEST) on Sunday 26th April 2015. Competition now CLOSED
5. Winners will be notified by email. Please provide your postal address within 3 days of competition close.
6. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by any other entity, other than My Little Story Corner and Dragon Tales Publishing.


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Author: Romi Sharp

Qualified teacher, reviewer, writer and avid picture book fanatic, constantly immersed in the world of children's literature. Founder of My Little Story Corner and Just Write For Kids.

8 thoughts on “WIN a copy of ‘Gus the Asparagus’ by Kaylene Hobson and Ann-Marie Finn – CLOSED

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  2. “Everybody is different. Describe what makes you unique.”

  3. My husband says the constant nagging that has him begging for mercy. Unique or talented both the same

  4. I’m different and unique because I have an implant in my hip, the leads run up my back and dangle into my spinal column and stop pain signals travelling to my brain. It’s a magical piece of kit 🙂 I’ll never be as cool as Gus though…

  5. What defines us and makes us different and unique is essentially who we are and now when I finally feel comfortable in my own unique skin I have lived 5 decades and entering my sixth. Never too late is a great motto and that is what I am living by.

  6. I’m a mosaic – made up of cracked, broken and imperfect pieces but beautiful in my own way! Oh – and I also like old, odd socks 🙂

  7. I have a special squeaky voice that I use when I talk to animals or birds or insects. The cats seem to like it the most. It can even work on people.

  8. I love to make ceramics (taking courses, workshops, etc) but I am HORRIBLE at it. I am always the worst in the class but I don’t care because I love doing it anyway. I think that makes me unique.

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