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A House of Her Own: Teaching Notes

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9781742974620A House of Her Own, Jenny Hughes (author), Jonathan Bentley (illus.), Little Hare Books, 2014.  

Audrey proclaims to her dad, ”Your house is getting too small for me”. So, a most obliging father takes his little girl outside in search of a more suitable place to live. A house high up in the tree is perfect! After all, Audrey is bigger than she was yesterday.

Handyman dad gets to work on a beautiful circular staircase, a hanging bathtub for snorkelling, a spot for sipping tea, a comfy blue bed, chairs for guests and a stove – all at Audrey’s request. The tree house is magnificent! But what happens when Audrey realises that she might get cold and she’s run out of food? Once again, dad has just the right solution!

Jenny Hughes has created this wonderful dialogue between Audrey and her dad; an independent, knows-what-she-wants little girl and her accommodating father. The images by Jonathan Bentley are breathtaking as we watch via differing perspectives of this amazing renovation coming together up in the sky. The vibrant watercolours and textures add a gorgeous touch of energy that so brilliantly captures the dynamics of each scene.

‘A House of Her Own’ is an enchanting story of love and dedication, with a sense of big adventure but also affirming one’s sense of security, that is sure to get preschoolers reaching up to their bookshelves for another read, again and again.

Before Reading:
Have you ever grown out of something? Clothes, toys, cot? What about your house? What kind of house is your dream house?
Show children pictures of different kinds of houses and ask if they’d be happy to live in any of these (eg. Kennel, shed, bird’s nest, cave, castle, etc).  

During Reading:
Do you think Audrey is big enough to live in a tree house? Why do you think Audrey’s tummy turned over and knees trembled? How might she be feeling?  

After Reading:
What did you think about Audrey’s character? Dad’s character? Why do you think she wanted Dad to build her a high tree house? Why do you think she didn’t want to stay in the tree house? What else would you have put in the tree house if it were yours?

Educational Activity Language, Science, Technology.

Design and construct your own magnificent tree house filled with light using a box, paper rolls, textas, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, other craft materials. Use a torch and/or mirror to glow or reflect light. Discuss your own needs and create places to bathe, cook, sleep, entertain, and of course, a spiral staircase! Write labels on a diagram and/or a sentence explaining how this house of your own is your ideal dwelling.

Review and lessons by Romi Sharp, BECS, Dip.Ed
My Little Story Corner 2015


Author: Romi Sharp

Qualified teacher, reviewer, writer and avid picture book fanatic, constantly immersed in the world of children's literature. Founder of My Little Story Corner and Just Write For Kids.

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