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For the love of picture books


Fearless with Dad Colouring Pages
Provided by illustrator, Giuseppe Poli.

What are your favourite things to do with Dad?

Download Fearless with Dad Activity Sheets here.
IMG_9486 Fearless with Dad Activity Sheet 2

Oliver and George Literacy Activity

To understand that adjectives are describing words.
To brainstorm adjectives appropriate to the characters.

Download the Oliver and George_adjectives here.
Oliver and George_adjective Oliver Oliver and George_adjective George

Oliver and George Puzzle

To promote spatial awareness.
To reinforce one-to-one correspondence.

See Oliver and George Puzzle for instructions.
Oliver and George Puzzle 4 pieces Oliver and George Puzzle 4 pieces(bw)

Book Mash Up

To encourage creative thinking skills.
To reinforce knowledge of a range of books.
To use language in abstract ways.
To use skills in illustration and/or graphic technology.

Think of two book titles with at least one matching word (a noun, verb or adjective), the first being toward the end of the title, the second being toward the beginning. Join the titles together and there you have it! Now create an appropriate illustration for your new title.

Write a new story to match your new title.
Make a poster or construct a puppet of a new character.

Where is green eggs and ham cat in the magic hat2 PicsArt_1400732648990 mr darcy ninja

Colouring Pages

Hootie the Cutie Activity Sheets_
Giuseppe Poli - Hootie - Activity sheet pg 1_ Giuseppe Poli - Hootie - Activity sheet pg 2
Giuseppe Poli - Hootie - Activity sheet Colour In

Book Inspired Box Creations

To creatively construct a piece of work using a box and various media, as a related follow up experience to a given picture book.

To develop construction skills, including cutting, drawing, painting and sticking.
To use knowledge and understanding of the plot and characters in a given story for dramatic role play.
To use problem solving skills and technology concepts for design and construction.

Read a chosen picture book and discuss the events (beginning, middle, end), discuss concepts used, characters’ actions and traits.
Decide on relevant props needed for dramatic role play. What could a box be turned into? A building? A character? A vehicle? A piece of furniture?
Draw the design, gather the materials needed, and construct!

What worked, and what could have been improved in the design?
Was the story followed accurately in the role play, or were there some adaptations to the storyline?

rosies walk
A box chicken coop constructed for Rosie from Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins.

Bird Venn Diagram

From the unit about ‘Peggy’ by Anna Walker.

Compare similarities and differences between two subjects.
City vs Home (sights, sounds, activities, people, etc)
Chickens vs Pigeons (appearance, food, characteristics, habitat, etc)
Summer vs Winter, or Autumn vs Spring (weather, clothes, activities, etc)

Pigeon venn diagram
Peggy venn diagram

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