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Books for Dad 2015

What makes your Dad / Granddad (or other special person) so special? What are your favourite things to do together? What important life lessons has he taught you? These are just a few picture books (trust me, there are heaps more!) that are perfect to celebrate all the special fathers and grandfathers this Father’s Day.

imageFearless With Dad, Cori Brooke (author), Giuseppe Poli (illus.), New Frontier Publishing, 2015.

What a joyous celebration of the relationship between a boy and his Dad. Whether they’re real or imagined, the possibilities for adventure are unlimited. Enthusiastic, optimistic and brave, this little boy doesn’t hold back, as long as his dad is with him. Riding big waves, kicking goals, moon travel and fast cars, discovering how to be a builder, chef, rock star and superhero, through good times and bad, Dad is always there. I love the heartwarming and positive feel of the text along with the variety and vivacious illustrations that make this book so endearing.

imageTime for Bed, Daddy, Dave Hackett (author, illus.), UQP, 2015.

It’s a role reversal of the hilarious kind. Coercing Daddy in to the bedtime routine is no easy feat for one little girl. She manages to help Daddy take a bath, put pyjamas on, and clean his teeth, but that’s when the fun and games start. In typical child-like behaviour, Daddy prolongs bedtime with a few more requests; horsey rides, checking for monsters, a story and songs, and finally one last snuggle. It’s enough to exhaust any little person! Extremely sweet, completely comical, utterly eye-catching cartoonesque pictures…it’s a winner.

imageDaddy, You’re Awesome, Laine Mitchell (author), Renée Treml (illus.), Scholastic Australia, 2015.

A gorgeous line up of baby animals forming special bonds with their daddies in playful ventures. Puppies chasing balls, bunnies building treehouses, owls spying bugs and monkeys racing bikes with their fathers, just to name a few. Written in fun rhyming couplets, each completed with the phrase, ‘Daddy, you’re awesome to me.’, and complimented with vibrant and adorable illustrations. Too sweet!

imageFly-In Fly-Out Dad, Sally Murphy (author), Janine Dawson (illus.), The Five Mile Press, 2015.

Dads can be superheroes in whatever shape or form, even if only to their children. For this young boy, life with dad may only be seldom, but when he’s home it is never boring. Dad is a Fly-in Fly-out dad, with a truck full of adventure stories to tell. But the little boy has his own stories to tell, too. When he’s home, we see a hands-on Dad helping with routines, involved in sporting events and taking the kids to the playground. I love all the little details, both in the text and the illustrations, that give this Dad and his family unique qualities. A very special, heartwarming story, particularly significant for those living with a FIFO Dad.

imageDaddy Cuddle, Kate Mayes (author), Sara Acton (illus.), ABC Books, 2015.

This is truly a book to treasure. It’s such a sweet story of an over-zealous early riser eager to wake Daddy for a play. In typical toddler language, the little bunny suggests every toy and accessory found to its blissfully unaware, snoring father. After a small outburst, bunny finally gets the affection and attention required. The ending is completely adorable; definitely a photo-worthy moment.

imageDaddies Are Great!, Meredith Costain (author), Polona Lovsin (illus.), Scholastic Australia, 2015.

Dog lovers will adore this book with its range of breeds enjoying quality moments with their pups; licking, swinging, climbing, digging, and cuddling. Special relationships are formed when daddies are caring, thoughtful, and loving. With beautifully soft and playful illustrations, this book is perfect for sharing intimate moments with your own pup on Father’s Day.

imageLucas and Jack, Ellie Royce (author), Andrew McLean (illus.), Working Title Press, 2014.

Powerful, evocative and intriguing. Jack, an elderly resident at the aged care home, inspires young Lucas to conceptualise the rich pasts of other people in the facility. Lucas always believed visiting his Great Grandpop was boring, but with a newfound glimpse into his childhood, Lucas becomes keen to bond with his great-grandfather and discover more about his fascinating story. With beautifully gentle and nostalgic illustrations, this book represents the importance of encouraging and celebrating meaningful memories and connections with our ageing relatives.
Interview with author Ellie Royce here.

imageMy Dad Thinks He’s Funny (2012), and My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny (2013), Katrina Germein (author), Tom Jellett (illus.), Black Dog Books.

A hilarious, eye-rolling, side-splitting collection of ‘Dad jokes’ told from the perspective of the son, with bold, comical, retro-style illustrations.

Check out teaching notes / Father’s Day activities for My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny on the website and on Pinterest

imageWhat’s Dad Doing?, Susan Hall (author), Cheryl Westerberg (illus.), National Library of Australia, 2013.

Gloriously interactive with its page-turning story, energetic illustrations and lift-the-flap fun, this book will keep you entertained. Pat Possum is looking for his Dad. When assuming he is involved in a typically-male oriented activity, we are pleasantly surprised when under the flap Dad is doing ‘motherly’ things. Rather than watching TV, Dad is bottle feeding the baby. He’s not mending something in the shed, he’s having a cuppa with Grandma. Some more housekeeping chores are done before Pat can finally play a rough-and-tumble game of footy with Dad. Complete with some possum facts in the back, this is an interesting look at parenting roles that families can relate to.

imageMy Dad’s the Coolest, Rosie Smith (author), Bruce Whatley (illus.), Scholastic Press, 2012.

This one’s a classic simply because how totally adorable and relatable it is. A range of animal babies tell us why their dad is the coolest. The author has used child-friendly language and human behaviours, which have brilliantly been matched to an animal. “…makes me laugh.” identifies with a clown nose-wearing puffer fish. “…and clever too.” represents a Einstein-like owl with glasses. There are strong rhinos, sandpit-digging moles, and hide-and-seek expert chameleons. Each spread beautifully illustrated and dedicated to each father, this book is humorous, lively and heartwarming.

imageMy Aussie Dad, Yvonne Morrison (author), Gus Gordon (illus.), Scholastic Australia, 2010.

Containing all the wonderful nuances that make Dad, the typical Aussie Dad. Different fathers are featured doing culturally appropriate dad things, even though they don’t do them quite so well. We see a Dad as a classy bloke in his stubby shorts and thongs, belting out songs in the supermarket. One Dad plays cricket on the beach, only to have the ball whack him on the nose. There are Dads who burn snags on the barbie, embarrassing Dads at footy matches, and Dads with very ordinary handyman skills. Hilariously entertaining, both in the text and the illustrations. But totally loveable!

imageI Love My Dad, Anna Walker (author, illus.), Scholastic Press, 2009.

Typically gorgeous gentle, watercolour illustrations by Anna Walker, with an equally tender rhyming story of Ollie and his loving relationship with his dad. A bit of baking, and some outdoor play, wrapping up with a piggyback ride to bed. This is one to keep; a must read for all the special days spent with dad.

Find some other Dad titles in the image grids below!
image image

Happy Father’s Day!

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Books for Mum – Mother’s Day 2015

“To each and every mother in our world…”,
Read a book together to “…secure extra precious, magical time with your children…”
– blurb from ‘I Wish My Mum Was an Octopus’.

Here are a few tributes to Mum to look out for this Mother’s Day.  

my_mum_plc_hi-resMy Mum Says the Strangest Things, Katrina Germein (author), Tom Jellett (illus.), Black Dog Books, 2014.  

From award-winning author Katrina Germein and illustrator Tom Jellett, the dynamic duo are victorious again following the success of ‘My Dad Thinks He’s Funny’ and ‘My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny’; this time paying homage to mums in ‘My Mum Says the Strangest Things’. Totally hilarious, and with plenty of idioms that we can all relate to, this book will have the whole family nodding their heads, and perhaps even rolling some eyes. Because it’s true!
Each saying is represented with Tom Jellett’s characteristically comical cartoons and their cool retro colours. I love the red ants crawling out of the boys shorts as he explains how Mum says he has ants in his pants. And an aerial view of the boy when he’s grumpy – “…Mum says you could land an aeroplane on my bottom lip.” We’ve got wind changing faces, television turning eyes square, tired mum meaning tired kids, and the list continues.
‘My Mum Says the Strangest Things’ is great for primary school kids to crack a joke with their mums. It’s quirky, it’s entertaining, and it’s oh-so-funny!  


hey-mum-i-love-youHey Mum, I Love You, Corinne Fenton (author), Black Dog Books, 2014.  

An absolutely adorable tribute to mums, and written for her own mum, Corinne Fenton’s ‘Hey Mum, I Love You’ captures all the littlest moments and characteristic nuances that mothers and babies share in the most loving and affectionate ways. Each quality that makes Mum special are represented with photographic images of beautiful animals. A baby polar bear nuzzling its mother shows “the softest sigh”. A tiny monkey resting in its mother’s arms is “the snuggliest cuddle”. Mum is the protector, the nurturer, and the supporter. “Because I know with you beside me I can do anything. And I know how lucky I am to have a mum like you.”
‘Hey Mum, I Love You’ is perfect for mothers and their babies to have a giggle, a snuggle and a few sneaky kisses. Doesn’t get any cuter!  


JamforNanaJam for Nana, Deborah Kelly (author), Lisa Stewart (illus.), Random House Australia, 2014.  

‘Jam for Nana’ is a delectably sweet story of a little girl and her Nana as they make pancakes with jam and sugar. Nana recalls the days when she lived on the farm and had ‘real’ apricot jam with the warmth of a hundred summers, and it tasted like the sun. The little girl longs to give her Nana the same precious gift, and surprises her with her own version of the delicious apricot jam – jam that is made with love and sunshine.
‘Jam for Nana’, with its soft and gentle illustrations, is sure to have its readers licking their lips, wanting to revisit Nana’s warm summers with its delicious goodness!  


9781925000375I Wish My Mum Was an Octopus, Shona Revie Keenan (author), Lee Burgemeestre (illus.), Ford Street Publishing, 2014.  

Written in rollicking rhyme, a young boy and his mum simultaneously imagine all the jobs she could accomplish with eight tentacles; in the hopes that there is still enough time left for him. An ode to all the super-mums out there who really do juggle a zillion tasks at once – coordinating extra-curricula activities and social events, preparing meals for a range of functions, tackling the never-ending pile of laundry, attending to sick and injured family members, looking after the baby, achieving goals at work, being an active sports mum to the eldest child, and finally, enjoying creative learning time with the middle child.
‘I Wish My Mum Was an Octopus’ is a lively and fun story, with colourful, whimsical illustrations that showcase the extremely busy lives of mothers. A reminder of what’s most important – spending time with your precious ones.  


More book reviews on busy mums…  

mum-goes-to-workMum Goes to Work, Libby Gleeson (author), Leila Rudge (illus.), Walker Books, 2015.  

Originally published in 1992, ‘Mum Goes to Work’ is back in 2015. A story of the importance of mums and an awareness for the many hats they wear, including a view into the world of working mothers.
We are introduced to all the mums and their children as they congregate at the child care centre. The story continues with snippets into the busy days of each mum at work, and their child at care. Nadia’s mother is a student (of architecture, as seen in Leila Rudge‘s illustrations), and it is paintings of houses and building blocks that Nadia meticulously works on at child care. Laurence’s mother serves food and coffee in a cafe, whilst he makes a three-layer sand cake and lots of sand biscuits with his friend in the sandpit. We see mums as nurses, at-home mums, receptionists, retail assistants, office workers and teachers. Meanwhile, the children play with baby dolls, puzzles, construction, ride bikes and read books.
Leila Rudge’s illustrations perfectly suit the tender feel of the story, delivering a touch of humour and meaning to the words, and plenty of details to explore.
‘Mum Goes to Work’ is a welcome insight into the daily lives of working mothers and children in child care. It’s a joyous story of identity and having a place in this big world. Readers can gain a greater appreciation for the commitment, sacrifices and pleasures that women achieve for their families. Equally, this resource allows mums wonderful opportunities to further bond and relate to their children. Fun, interactive and visually appealing; it’s a win-win for all!

See the full review, and other Libby Gleeson books about nurturing roles at:  


1733911_origHop Up! Wriggle Over!, Elizabeth Honey (author, illus.), Allen & Unwin, 2015.

See the review at:


More picture books tributing Mums and Grandmas…
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